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Scaramouche Restaurant

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We took Baby J to Scaramouche Restaurant a few weeks ago and we soon realized that he has an expensive taste! ^^  Previously, whenever we take Baby J out for dinner (even at Terra Restaurant), he was never a big fan of "western" food, he usually would take in a lot of bread and only take a few bites of the mains (usually some form of pasta).  However, at Scaramouche, he enjoyed everything from the appetizer to the dessert.  Just his portion of the meal was around $40+ and he is only 21 month ... haha ... but we are very happy that he enjoyed the meal as that meant we were also able to enjoy ours.

I will not go into details on how great a restaurant Scaramouche is because there are already many great reviews about it online.  As a result, here are the photos of the food.

Baby J's first dish - butternut squash soup.  He loved it so much that this was the first time we saw him drink soup with an open bowl and not using his spoon.

Amuse Bouche - poached quail egg, top with scallion and something else (cannot remember) but it was good. :P

Baby J's main dish - herb pasta sheets/wild mushrooms/grilled leeks/parsley truffled porcini sauce/shaved Umbrian summer truffle.  This was not a full size portion of the pasta from the main menu as the server was nice enough to let us know that the chef can make Baby J a half-sized portion.  Baby J finished more than half of the dish.

K's appetizer - Foie Gras Terrine elderflower jelly/quick pickled cherries/cherry wine reduction toasted hazelnut brioche.

My appetizer - Dungeness Crab Ravioli scallions/sweet peppers/haricot vert/chives/shellfish nage.  Baby J also liked this a lot too to the point that he was upset when he dropped a quarter of the ravioli to the ground while transporting it to his mouth with his spoon.  I liked my pasta appetizer a lot as well and more than K's appetizer.  It was refreshing and just the right amount to not spoil the main of the meal.

My main - Braised beef short ribs and seared sea scallops.  The scallops were one of the tastiest I have had and made me wondered which type of scallops they were and how they were marinated and cooked.

K's main - Lamb roasted rack/grilled leg/caponata/goat cheese whipped potatoes salsa verde/cherry tomatoes/pine nuts/lamb jus.  I liked my main better though. ^^

Dessert - their signature coconut cream pie.  We shared the dessert as we were full and have to be quick since Baby J was already tired after 2 hours of patiently waiting for his dishes and eating his meal.  Looking at the picture again now ... I wish I can have another piece now. ^^

A quick summary of our experience, yep, we will definitely return again because everything was excellent and Baby J loved it.

Scaramouche Restaurant

One Benvenuto Place
Toronto, ON
M4V 2L1

Tel: 416.961.8011

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