Friday, January 6, 2012

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Almond Butter

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To see if my baby boy is allergic to almond, I made almond butter for the first time.  The recipe was very simple and I do not have the exact amount of the ingredients I used because I just added in enough amount to reach my desire thickness. The taste of almond in my almond butter was not very strong, it might be because I added water to the mixture as I did not want it to be too sticky. However, I still like the result of it because I know now that my son is not allergic to almond! Yay! Next thing to try would be peanut butter...


  • almond
  • olive oil
  • water


Roast the almond at 300 degree oven for 20 min
In blender/food processor, blend the almond until smooth. Remember to make it super smooth if you are using it for your baby or else they might choke.
Blend in olive oil and water until the mixture reaches your desire thickness. (There was not an exact amount of olive oil / water that I used but I used more water than olive oil because I did not want the mixture to be too sticky such that it might be a choking hazard for my little one)