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A Stroll in Sarria, Barcelona

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During one of our 4 days in Barcelona, we traveled around using the hop-on/hop-off bus. In our busy day of sight-seeing, we still found time to relax and enjoy some comfy sweet in a quiet neighbourhood, Sarria.

From the hop-on/hop-off bus tour guide, Sarria is described as follows:
Sarria, just like the neighbourhood of Gracia, was also an independent town before it became part of Barcelona in 1921. If you get off at this stop you can discover the old part of Sarrria, whose historic value remains unchanged. Today it is the heart of the neighbourhood, where you will find the market, the church and the town hall. The atmosphere of the squares, where there are weekly book and antiques fairs, the pedestrian streets with their typical shops ... there are a number of important cake shops and the variety of small restaurants, make this area the perfect place for a stroll.

After we got off this stop, we were not able to figure out where the old part of Sarria is located ... hehehee ... and me being love to eat, Hubby and I gave up on sight-seeing and set out to find those cake shops instead for a nice after lunch break. =^U^=

We strolled down the Carrier Major de Sarria, it was a very quiet street, a lot of the shops on the ground floor were closed. Luckily, there were a few cafe and cake shops opened and we decided to go inside Caffe San Marco to take a break. We ordered a regular cappuccino and a mini cappuccino. To our surprise, the mini cappuccino tasted super rich and had a strong chocolate favor. The regular cappuccino was not bad either but we loved the mini one a lot more. It was indeed a very nice find considering the street was super quiet.


Across from Caffe San Marco, there is a very attractive pastry shop, Pastisseria Foix de Sarria. Of course, I couldn't resist myself and went inside anyway even after the nice break in Caffe San Marco. Inside, there were so many truffles, chocolate, cakes, gelato and not to mention, freshly baked panettone!!! Unfortunately, I couldn't eat much more sweets as I was already full and my hubby reminded me that we still have a lot more sight-seeing to go ... as a result, we only got a few pastries to go (we did not want to carry too much and we chose the ones that won't melt easily either, since we won't be eating them right away) and a gelato to eat on our way back to the bus stop. I would come back to this place again if I visit Barcelona again.

Check out more pics on flickr.

Caffe San Marco
Calle Pedro de la creu, 15, Barcelona

TEL: 932 802 973

Foix de Sarrià
Calle Major de Sarrià, 57, Barcelona

TEL: 93 203 07 14 - 93 203 00 04


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