Saturday, April 10, 2010

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Snowy 休閒篇

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The infamous Snowy! She is a cream-color Pomeranian. Although, she is a bit larger than most of the other Pomeranians, I still think she is still the cutest dog ever (and my favorite and only pet)!!  Snowy is 14 years old now and going to her 15th birthday this summer ... hahaha ... maybe we should throw her a Happy 15th Birthday Party! kekekekeee ... actually this is a fun idea after all! :)  I took this above picture over the Christmas Holidays ... hahaha ... all dressed up and ready for a walk in the snow. =^U^=

Another cute photo of hers, captured her very sparkly eyes.  My mom tells me that a lot of people cannot guess that she is 14 years old when my mom takes her out for walks.